After Sales solves many mysteries


Sunfab After Sales Sunfab After Sales

After Sales is a subdivision of the Quality and Operational Development Department, and handles warranties and complaints. This is where Bert Berggren works. He’s been with Sunfab for an impressive 42 years and what he doesn’t know about the company’s products isn’t worth knowing.

“When a hydraulic system isn’t working properly, many customers tend to assume it’s our product at fault,” Bert reports. “But, more often than not, the fault lies in some other part of the system. There can be various external circumstances,  ranging from our product being over-revved to impurities in the oil. Time and time again, I’ve astonished customers by successfully solving the mystery of why their hydraulics aren’t working properly. It could be something as straightforward as a welding spark from the tank falling into the oil and damaging our product,” Bert reports.

Complaints procedures
“If a Sunfab product is returned to us as faulty or damaged, first we empty it of oil and check for any traces of impurities. After that, it’s pressure tested to see if there’s any leakage. Then the product is taken apart, and documented with photos and analysis results. Finally, this data is used to generate a complaints report that’s sent to the customer. We also write in the report what we believe may have caused the complaint. In certain cases, the report will also contain an estimate of what it would cost to repair it.

On the image above, you can see that the pump has cavitated (note the dark patch). This may mean the pump has been over-revved in relation to the amount of hydraulic oil that it requires.

Here it’s clear that the damage has been caused by an oil impurity which has found its way into the pump and then been forced out.