Sunfab’s Motor, the perfect fit for bow thrusters


Bow Thrusters Bow Thrusters

Since 1984 Dutch company Hydrosta B.V. has been a supplier of hydraulic components and hydraulic systems. They set high demands when it comes to quality and work only with market leading brands. Sunfab is one of the brands Hydrosta has worked with for many years.

Hydrosta B.V. has specialised in the maritime sector since their foundation in 1984, ranging from small yachts up to mega yachts and vessels. Hydrosta B.V. is located in the Netherlands, right at the waters edge, which is a huge benefit when it comes to testing for example, bow thrusters. 

Easier manoeuvring
Bow thrusters make docking easier, since they allow the vessel to turn to port or starboard without using the main propulsion mechanism which requires some forward motion for turning. A bow thruster is a transversal propulsion device built into or mounted to the bow or stern of a vessel to make it more manoeuvrable. 

Sunfab’s M2 cartridge motor is the perfect fit
The Hydrosta bow thruster range is made up of high-quality products and incorporates the hydraulically driven Sunfab SCM M2 cartridge motor. With its cartridge flange the Sunfab SCM M2 motor fits perfectly into the extremely compact thruster construction. The Hydrosta bow thruster is mounted in ships all over the world. You will often find them in catamaran support boats for big offshore windfarms. These boats are used to transport material and crew to sites where it is necessary to steer them fast and precisely, a situation where you can rely on a Hydrosta bow thruster, powered by a Sunfab M2 motor.

A Hydrosta bow thruster, powered by a Sunfab motor

A Hydrosta bow thruster, powered by a Sunfab motor.