Sunfab won Entrepreneurs of the year in Gävleborg 2019


Arets Frt19 Arets Frt19

Sunfab won the regional final tonight as Entrepreneur of the Year in Gävleborg. The owners Mats, Per and Jerker are now 1 of 21 finalists for the national finals in Stockholm.

The jury has consisted of: 2018 winner Helene Åkerström Hartman, county governor Per Bill, regional director Johan Färnstrand and Företagarnas regional director Eva Cooper.

"Successful business trips start with one or more creative people getting an idea on something new. In order to continue to develop as both companies and entrepreneurs, the creative minds cannot stay there. Like a bird Fenix, new innovations and new gains arise. This year's entrepreneur in Gävleborg is an excellent example of this, which with the heart of the local district allows the company's success to spread throughout the world. These role models see the possibilities of height and breadth and the curious ingenuity that has always characterized their and the company's development indicates that the journey has just begun."

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