Keeping the wheels turning in the time of corona (Germany)


Sunfab GmbH Sunfab GmbH

We have asked our employees how the Corona is affecting their daily work in these dire times. Here is an update from Sunfabs subsidiaries. Elke Kühn and Ksenija Popovic, our Customer Support at Sunfab Hydraulik GmbH in Germany.

How is your local market doing under the current situation with restrictions based on the impact of the pandemic with limited opportunities to meet your customers?
“Our customers continue to contact us by phone and mail and request a quote. Many companies to clarify technical matters and would like to discuss several technical information with our sales managers.
We had several conversations with our customers about the current situations and most of them tell us their business is okay but a bit slower than usual.”

Sunfab took early action on creating a guideline for all employees due to minimize the spread of Covid19, how have you been able to follow that, any reflections, negative or positive?
“We have received the guidelines from Sunfab HQ and try to follow them as far as we can. In Germany, no externals personnel are allowed to visit our office to protect the employees.” 

How do you work towards your customers to ensure that they get the support and business needs as seamlessly as possible?
What do you focus on in your daily work?
“Since we in Office Korschenbroich are only available via e-mail and telephone, little has changed.”

What is the common view from our customers on their business due to the pandemic crisis and do they feel that Sunfab is supporting them?
“After conversations with some of our customers, you can see that our customers appreciate our support. According to our customers, business is starting to start up again carefully.”

The fact that the production and office in Sweden have been up and running during this whole crisis, any feedback from market?
“Our customers appreciate that they get a quick response from Germany and the goods can usually be delivered the following day. “

Do you have any success story or a happy story from your customer engagements during this period that you have got positive feedback on from customer?
“Through more intensive conversations with our customers, customer loyalty becomes closer.”

Is your market recovering and what is going to happen in near future, your feeling of the development?
“According to an Austrian customer, the order situation in Austria is on the mend. In Germany, our customers are still careful. “

Anything else you would like to say?
“We hope that this time does not last too long and above all that everyone stays healthy!”