Clean roads for the environment


Road Sweeper Road Sweeper

Road Sweepers are widely used for keeping roads, runways and other accesses clean and for suppressing dust. It is good for the environment, limiting dangerous air pollution and improving the supply of clean water.

The goal of simple debris removal did not change until the 1970s, when policymakers began to reflect concern for water quality. As older street sweepers were only effective in removing large particles of road debris, small particles of debris remained behind in large quantities. The remaining debris was not seen as an aesthetic issue because rain would wash them away. 

Today, small particles are known to carry a substantial portion of the stormwater pollutant load. Street sweeping can be an effective measure in reducing pollutants in stormwater runoff. Many street sweepers produced today are PM10 and PM2.5 certified, meaning that they can collect and hold particulate matter sized less than 10 μm and even down to 2.5 μm.

Demanding hydraulics

Road Sweepers needs to be durable, reliable and effective. This makes high demands on the hydraulic components, for which Sunfab’s renowned quality and high-performance hydraulic pumps and motors are the perfect match.

Sunfab offers several options to suit your specific system needs
Sunfab is your supplier of a wide range of single flow hydraulic pumps, adapted and optimised for a wide range of diffrent applications. Sunfab pumps are available in sizes from 12 cm³ to 130 cm³, and can handle working pressures of up to 400 bar.

The Sunfab Dual Flow Pump is ideal for vehicles that require two different flow rates. The range of fixed displacement dual flow pumps SCPD and SLPD comprises 10 different sizes from 20/20 cm³ up to 76/76 cm³. The SCPD dual flow pumps are of bent-axis design, the SLPD pumps are of inline design, both very effective and powerful. Sunfabs dual flow pump is ideal for vehicles which require two different flows.

Sunfab also offer variable pumps with a displacement of 62, 92, 112 and 130 cm³. A working pressure of up to 450 bar, and flexibility via different types of regulators and tandem assembly. This enables the use of this type of pump in almost all applications where a variable oil flow is required.

Sunfab’s hydraulic motors are available in SAE, ISO and DIN-standard as well as with cartridge flange. Displacements range from 10 cm³ to 130 cm³ with a large number of choices regarding shafts, mounting flanges and connections. Sunfab’s motors are known for being able to handle high speeds and high working pressures, up to 400 bar (5800 psi), and power outputs of up to 285 kW.