SAP – Exceeds customer demands


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Sunfab’s latest series of pumps, the SAP has become extremely popular on the market. The complete range was released earlier this year and the success continues. Long lasting customers like Graham Commercials have seen the SAP meet and even exceed their customer’s needs.

The SAP pumps have an aluminium alloy casing, characterised primarily by the fact that it can offer high working pressure, high efficiency, light weight and Sunfab’s well-known high quality. One of our long lasting customers Graham Commercials in the UK have been using the SAP for some time now.

– We have been using the Sunfab brand of Bent Axis Piston Pumps for several years on many varied applications from Timber Crane to Walking Floor and combination kits. We have found them to be extremely reliable and robust and entering service in the environments our customers demand means we have to have complete trust in the brand. Says Stuart Graham at Graham Commercials in the UK.

– Graham Commercials have adopted the new lighter SAP Pump in all applications and reports to date show no change in our customer’s experience of performance. The unit is lighter in weight which makes the installation less of an issue and also causes less bounce on the PTO when running through forest and other harsh environments.

We consider the new SAP range meets and exceeds our customer’s needs and look forward to a continued healthy relationship between two successful companies says Stuart Graham.