Up and running in the States


Sunfab Sweden USA Sunfab Sweden USA

It has been a busy few months but now things are falling into place at Sunfab’s newly established subsidiary in North Carolina. Enquiry rates are high and will get even higher as more customers get to know that Sunfab Inc. is in the USA.

“I see the future as very bright and busy. I think the market areas are looking for new options and this is an opportunity to forge new contracts and customer relations long into the future”, says Marc Burns who is US Senior Sales Manager at Sunfab Inc.

Recognized brand
Sunfab’s subsidiary in the USA is situated in Charlotte, North Carolina and was established in April this year. Sunfab has had representation in America long before that though through the distributor Sunfab North America and during the years the brand recognition has increased.
“Our distributor has done a fantastic job in getting and keeping our name out there, but we need to take it further and deeper into OEM business that was not possible to gain. This will be a challenge but a great opportunity”, says Marc.

High demand
The demand for Sunfab’s products is currently high in North America and in order to handle all smaller scale enquiries these are relayed to the distribution network while larger OEM and bodybuilders are dealt with directly.
“We have already had some excellent success with the factory being able to hit lead times that our new customers demand”, says Marc.

Canada on the rise
As for the future, Marc predicts an increasing demand particularly for the motors.
“I also see a rising demand from Canada so this is a strong area for me to concentrate on”, he says.

Good stock is key
Customers who have tried Sunfab’s equipment are generally very impressed with the quality and design features internally. The fact that they like the products will of course help the company moving forward but there are more things than quality that matter for the North American markets. A good stock for instance is necessary, otherwise they will look for another supplier.
“America, I have learned, wants everything when they need it so we have to engage on forecasting. If customers help us with what they want we can stock and get them to keep using Sunfab. It is the key to our success”, Marc concludes.