The quality is in the details


Sunfab production Sunfab production

The Production Technology Department is always working to further develop and streamline production processes at Sunfab, always working toward one goal - the quality of the products should be the highest possible.

The Production Department at Sunfab employs three Production Technicians, Thomas Lofgren, Peter Backstrom and Jerker Sundin. Their task is to develop and streamline production at Sunfab. The production facility is split between them so that each one has their own remit. Thomas is in charge of grinding shafts and pistons as well as the FMS facility, Peter is responsible for production of shafts and plugs and covers, whilst Jerker is in charge of the cylinder block and bearing housing manufacturing. Even if their areas of responsibility are clear there is overlap when required

Increased Efficiency
- In our job, we are constantly looking for new and effective ways to give us a more efficient production explains Thomas Löfgren. If we for example, extend a tools life, then especially during unattended time during the night, the production will be much more effective. If for example, we extend tool's life from six to eight hours, then it enables a capacity increase of 33% during the unmanned shifts.

Quality and Development
- We have also been involved in the development of the new Aluminum Pump, SAP, says Thomas. We developed amongst other things all the fixtures for the processing of the various components. Since then we have been working on improving the process to get as good a result as possible. 

Basis for investment
The Production Department is also working to develop a basis for investments in the production facility. It is usually done in the form of projects in which Maintenance staff, Machine operators and the responsible Production Technician are included.
- In the material for quotation we make a clear specification of requirements, says Thomas. It is important because we would prefer to get a turnkey and complete production equipment where the supplier also assembles and installs it in the factory facility. This is a demand that we place on our suppliers.

- We also make proposals for reinvestment, continues Thomas. Often, it is the quality anomalies in a machine that are the basis for this. We make the assessment together with the Maintenance Department. An example of this is a piston grinding machine we renovated. It has just been completed and right now I’m working to put all the right parameters for the piston to be ground with just the right quality. Once it is adjusted, we will be able to increase the capacity of the piston grinding further, concludes Thomas Löfgren.