Sunfab lifts wind power


HIAB Crane HIAB Crane

The Port of Blyth needed a flexible crane system for loading and unloading wind power equipment onto ships. The solution provided was a plinth mounted Hiab crane equipped with Sunfab's highly reputed piston pump.

Sunfab’s UK distributor, VHS Hydraulic Components Limited, were contacted in mid-2017 by the customer entrusted to develop and install a solution tailored to the Port of Blyth. The port needed a crane system that would allow the UK's largest electricity suppliers (EDF Energy) to load and unload a variety of tools and equipment onto vessels shipped out to five newly-built wind turbines located just off the coast.
“The wind turbines have a life expectancy of twenty years so there will be a constant need for close monitoring of the systems”, says Kieran Daley of VHS Hydraulic Components.

The heart from Sunfab
The solution provided was a remote-controlled Hiab X 188 B-2 with a capacity of 2020kg at 8.4m, mounted on a terminal on a fixed plinth with 80 tons capacity. The crane was equipped with Sunfab's bent axis pump. The Sunfab pump that was chosen for the heart of the control system was chosen because the application required a product that was both reliable and durable.