The record from 2007 is beaten!


Sunfab order record Sunfab order record

In week 21, 2021, we received the highest order intake in Sunfab's history for a single week with more than 2 600 units. We surpassed the previous record of 2 500 units in week 39, 2007.

At Sunfab we do everything we can to meet the increasing order intake. In the industry, we see a continued positive trend for demand for our products.

The higher order intake affects our lead time, which will be slightly longer than normal.

For you as our highly valued customer, we will do our best to secure production and availability with the knowledge that the pandemic is still not over. We are taking active measures to minimize the risks of infection spreading for our staff with measures such as distancing and work from home to the extent required.

We hope for your understanding and help in making your orders to Sunfab with some limitation to be able to deliver at short notice.

We appreciate all the information that can be given regarding longer forecasts and that you strive to place your orders as early as possible. Feel free to contact your sales contact for more information.

If you have questions about lead time for your specific orders, please contact our Order Management department.