SCPD 70/36 DIN By-Pass
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With two separate flows and a directly mounted By-Pass valve, the Sunfab’s SCPD 70/36 By-Pass DIN is one of the most flexible compact fixed flow pump on the market.

The SCPD 70/36 DIN provides 69.2 and 36.4 cm3/rev. and supports a maximum intermittent working pressure of 400 bar. It is speed optimized and therefore delivered in execution with the left (L) or right (R) direction of rotation. New material properties give the pump increased durability during continuous operation with high pressure.

Together with the By-Pass valve, the SCPD 70/36 DIN is suitable for combination vehicles that require different flows and where the equipment must be able to be operated while traveling. The pump is primarily intended for engine-mounted power take-off.

The constant connection is made possible by the By-Pass valve, which immediately relieves the pump and power take-off when no oil flow is required. The By-Pass valve has a very low pressure drop, which makes the function energy efficient.


• Long life due to high demands on material selection, such as bearings, seals, etc.

• O-rings on all contact surfaces as well as double shaft seals eliminate oil leakage from the pump and power takeoff.

• Compact design of the By-Pass valve for direct mounting on the pump’s connection cover for small installation dimensions.

• The By-Pass valve is equipped with Deutsch connector which conforms to high protection class (IP 69).