SLPD 40/20-64/32 SAE
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SLPD 40/20-64/32 SAE is a series of in-line double pumps with extremely low noise levels for demanding mobile hydraulics.

SLPD 40/20-64/32 SAE pumps are equipped with shafts and flanges according to the SAE-C standard. They are available in six different sizes. It´s slim pump housing enables direct installation on the power take-off in very confined spaces. SLPD is also easy to install with frame mountings via an intermediate shaft. The high level of reliability is based on the choice of materials, hardening methods, surface structures and the quality assured manufacturing process.


• Independent direction of rotation

• A cost effective total solution in relation to a conventional installation using two pumps with a splitter gear box

• Smooth operation over the entire speed range

• Long life due to high demands on material selection, such as bearings, seals, etc.

• O-rings on all contact surfaces as well as double shaft seals eliminate oil leakage from the pump and power take-off

• Extremely low noise emission over entire speed and pressure ranges