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mar. 17 mars

Information regarding shipments and cargo disruptions due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) breakout (update)


Sunfab Hydraulics AB

At present, more and more countries globally are facing border controls, which often also entails health checks. These measures lead to long queues at the borders and thus delays both for goods to and from these countries and for goods transited through these countries.

To the extent that our logistic service partners can operate in line with government regulations, we continue to service our customers as usual.
We closely monitor the course of events in both Sweden, Europe, ASIA and North America and take the measures that we can influence.

We are doing everything possible to meet the requirements of our customers in this difficult situation and are working to minimize its negative impact on processes.

Air: Airports continue to operate with limitations; terminals, warehouses and customs are all open for business but air exports still remain below normal activity levels. Flight cancellations is expected to continue through March.

Ocean: Activity level at many ocean ports has been reduced. Most warehouses are open, but some in severely affected areas remain closed as per local governments’ instructions. It is expected that the ports will get increasingly busy in the weeks to come.

Since most of the logistics partners are referring to Force Majeure clause, it is recommended to our customers to use their own logistics and shipping partners for purchased goods on import from abroad when possible.

At present, Sunfab cannot guarantee that our customers otherwise will be affected with additional unforeseen costs as demurrage charges, deviations in transit, costs for extra handling and warehousing charges and delays.

Our customers may be liable for such unforeseen extra costs if they arise.

If you have questions about specific markets, please contact our Order Management department

We will update this information as soon as we have more information to share. 

Best regards

Per Olof Ohlsson
Sales & Marketing Director
Sunfab Hydraulics AB