SLPD 20/20-64/32 DIN SAVTEC
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SLPD 20/20-64/32 DIN Savtec is equipped with a shut-off valve, this makes it possible to control so that oil only feeds when required.

SLPD 20/20-64/32 DIN Savtec´s valve is available as pneumatic remote control. The signal is obtained from a panel switch or automatically from, e.g. the parking brake, pressure sensor or diode gate.


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• Independent direction of rotation

• A cost effective total solution in relation to a conventional installation using two pumps in a splitter gear box

• Smooth operation over the entire speed range

• Long life due to high demands on material selection, such as bearings, seals, etc.

• O-rings on all contact surfaces as well as double shaft seals eliminate oil leakage from the pump and power take-off

Extremely low noise emission over entire speed and pressure ranges

• The Savtec valve can also be used as an emergency stop