Sunfab Injector K-JET 2 is a basic technical solution for the recirculation of oil in closed hydraulic systems that is cost efficient and saves weight. Three models K-JET 2, cover the flows 160, 250 and 350 l/min.

K-JET 2 recirculates the oil with an injector. This function replaces the previous standard of feed pressure pumps as compensation for leakage oil losses in the main circuit and any scavenging pumps for the cooling and filtering circuits. K-JET 2 also slightly pressurises the feed pressure, which means a significantly higher pump speed than the self-priming speed can be used. This is reflected in a considerable increase in the capacity of the pump. Hydraulic systems with pressure feed of the pump require the pump to be externally drained. The Sunfab pump SAP DIN Optimised with external drainage conforms to these demands and is recommended in applications with K-JET 2.

K-JET 2 has no moving parts, which makes it completely maintenance free.

Product Benefits

  • Reduced tank size and oil volume. Only 15-20 % of the main pump flow
  • Lower weight through smaller oil tanks
  • Lower cost for oil 
  • Significantly higher pump speed