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mer. 27 sept.

New Product Manager at Sunfab


Johan Sundin is the new Product Manager at Sunfab

Johan Sundin is Sunfab's new product manager from 1st of October. Johan started his career at Sunfab Hydraulics AB in 2003 immediately after completing his mechanical engineer education at Mittuniversitetet. During the first 11-12 years, he worked as a designer in the development department and in 2015 became Sales Manager for the Nordic region, combined with the position as product manager for Sunfab's hydraulic pumps.

Johan will be responsible for Sunfab's entire product portfolio - pumps, motors and accessories. He believes that he will be well suited in his new role, as he has both a long experience in working with the products and, during his time on the market side, has come to know the customers and their needs. In addition to being responsible for the existing products, Johan will also work on the products Sunfab will produce in the future which will be an exciting challenge.

Torbjörn Marander, who previously had the role of Product Manager for Hydraulic Motors, now fulfils a full time Sales Manager position.