Sunfab gives thrust to WW1 salvage


Aleron Subseas ROV Aleron Subseas ROV

The AuxRov ROV-system was designed and launched in 2016 for a multitude of subsea tasks, and has recently completed a job for Britanias gold. This involved working in the most dangerous environments in a WW1 wreck in up to 4.5 metre swells. The thrusters on the AuxRov use Sunfabs SCM-064 motors for reliable function in this unquestionable harsh application environment.

Operating out of Aberdeenshire in the United Kingdom, Aleron Subsea have extensive experience in working in all aspects of the subsea and marine industry. Established in 2009 and founded on decades of experience in the Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Industry. Their main area of business is the resale of used ROV systems which have been serviced, repaired and often upgraded. But also developing their own in-house ROV components, including hydraulic thrusters, valve packs, compensators, and a control system package.

Technical specifications include:

  • 300 HP, capable of powering most subsea tools.
  • Single mode fibre allowing the most up to date survey ability.
  • Auto depth function tied to winch for survey etc.
  • Fully proportional pressure and flow up to 500 l/min and 250 bar.
  • Quick change out tooling system to change tools quickly and efficiently.
  • Ability to quickly cut up to 25" steel, including pipes, I beams, channels etc.
  • 3000 metres depth rated.
  • 20 tonne lift capability.
  • Active heave winch for working near seabed or structures.