Demanding applications for Sunfab Motors



German company PTG have been using a Hydraulic motor by Sunfab to power their tyre inflation systems for many years.

PTG’s inflation system provides control over the air pressure in each tyre of a vehicle or trailer, thus improving performance on different surfaces. With PTG’s system the driver can lower air pressure from the cabin allowing a greater tyre contact patch for work in the fields and then raise the pressure again for travelling on the road. This is important in agricultural fields, improving grip on soft ground. The result is 25% improved fuel economy and less damage to the surface. 

Sunfab's motor powers a compressor in PTG’s tyre inflation system

Sunfab's motor drives the compressor
The advantage of Sunfab's motor is its compact design and high power output. The hydraulic motor powers a piston compressor providing the air pressure for the system.
PTG’s Managing Director Mr.Tigges commends the high quality and toughness of Sunfab's motors used in this demanding environment. The systems are mostly operating in tough agricultural applications such as a slurry tanker.