Sunfab on board with Malaysia’s largest body builder


Green Concerns Green Concerns

Green Concerns Sdn. Bhd is today the largest Body Builder in Malaysia and has been a customer to Sunfab since 2010. The company was established in 1996 and has grown a lot. The yearly output has during recent years been between 300-500 chassis built per year.

Green Concerns main product are hook lifts for waste handling industry, but they also produce waste compactor trucks and various types of Special Purpose-Built vehicles.

The Pandemic was an extremely tough period for many companies in Malaysia with strict lock downs under long periods. However, since Green Concerns is a key player in the countries waste handling system and considered to be a “Critical Business”, they could keep the operations open throughout the period and substantially grow their business the past few years.

Quality is the key for success
When asking Mr. Ka (CEO and one of the owners of Green Concerns) what the reason is for their success, he says “Quality is the winner in the long run”. Instead of always focusing on buying cheapest material and components for their build’s, he believes that finding quality suppliers which you can trust and have a long-term relationship with is most important. As an example, he says that they are importing all their steel from Swedish SSAB (Hardox) and are using high quality pumps from Sunfab which has proven to be very reliable and robust throughout the years.

Mr. Ka (CEO Green Concerns) and Fredrik Johansson (Sales Manager at Sunfab MY).

Today Green Concerns are using Sunfab hydraulic pumps for all their applications and is our biggest customer in Southeast Asia. They look forward on visiting the Sunfab factory in Sweden soon, now when it finally is possible to travel again.

We thank Green Concerns for their trust in us as their supplier of high-quality hydraulic pumps, and we sincerely hope this good relation will last for many years to come.

Production of waste compactor trucks equipped with Sunfab high-quality pumps.