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As of November 1st, Sunfab restructured the organisation of the factory in Hudiksvall. The purpose of the restructure was to improve and streamline our daily work process.

“The change gives us a clearer organisation regarding process and support, which contributes to us being ready to take on future challenges and to increased customer satisfaction”, says Marie Nilsson, CEO of Sunfab Hydraulics AB.

Sunfab has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 since 1995 and runs a process-orientated business. The processes are the basis of our quality and operational system, which also includes the environmental management system ISO 14001.


The new organisation, as of November 1st, 2020

Marketing and sales
After Sales is included in the department.

Purchasing & Logistics
Packing / Shipping is excluded and moved to the new department Assembly & Shipping.

Quality, environment and business development
Staff function, overall responsibility for ISO 9001, 14 001 and the company's sustainability development.

Production support (NEW department)
Maintenance and Production Engineering, Quality Engineering, Measurement Engineering, Automation and Real Estate.

Assembly & Shipping (NEW separated department subordinate to production)

New positions in the organisation

Christina Marsch - Manager Quality, Environment and Operational Development

Morgan Nilsson - Manager Production

Mattias Boström - Manager Production Engineering & Support 

Magnus Jacobsson - Manager Logistics & Purchase

Rickard Modin – Production Manager, Assembly & Shipping



Morgan Nilsson, Manager Production

Morgan, you have been active in Sunfabs organization for a long time, most recently as Logistics & Purchasing Manager. What do you see as your greatest strength in your new role?
During my 20 years at Sunfab, I have gained experience in many areas, starting in the assembly department, where I worked for 6 years. During this time, I also helped out in the Goods Inwards area. Following that, I spent 4 years as the main planner for production while also working as a purchaser. I then became Logistics and purchasing manager for the next 10 years and was also part of the management team.

Over the years, I have also held various positions within the union organisation and been an internal auditor for a number of years. With that said, I have good insight into many different parts of Sunfab, which I think will be a strength in my new role.

Why is the organisation changing around production?
Goods and Packing will move back into the production organisation after being under Logistics and Purchasing for 5 years. Because Maintenance and Production Technology ends up in a separate grouping under Mattias Boström, this means fewer functions in production which will increase focus on daily production, at the same time as these support functions have a stronger group affiliation and improved communication paths.

Another big change is the appointment of a production manager for Assembly & Shipping, a manager who will have a completely different daily presence than what I had while I was head of goods, packing, logistics and purchasing at the same time. This should be seen as a good opportunity to support the staff who constantly want to develop themselves and their operations.

What are the benefits?
Increased focus on each function's core mission. At the same time, we must remember that it is important that we move from the current situation to a more process-oriented approach in order to e.g. avoid sub-optimisations. It may sound counterproductive to clarify and refine functions to increase collaboration between different departments, but it is necessary. Good communication, good and present leadership, clear assignments and boundaries and long-term planning with a focus on the process take us there, but it also requires conditions, which I see much better opportunities for with the new organisation.

What will be your focus in the coming year?
It will be very much about collaborations and creating common goals that support the overall goals for the company. Even if everyone who works at Sunfab knows why and what they are expected to do, it will be a new organisation that must be allowed to synchronize itself and its collaborations.



Mattias Boström, Manager Production Engineering & Support

What do you see as your greatest strength in your new role?
I have a degree in engineering and started at Sunfab in 2007, here I have had various roles over the years such as a production manager and purchaser. Last year, I took on the role of project manager reporting to our CEO and as part of the management team.

Before I started at Sunfab, I worked, among other things, as responsible for just production engineering at a manufacturing company. With my combined professional experience and knowledge as well as great understanding of our own business, I feel that I can contribute with structure, innovation and momentum in my new role.

What are the benefits with the new organisation?
It gives us great opportunities to improve and develop our organisation in line with our process-oriented business. Clearer assignments for our own functions as well as cooperation and communication with other functions in the organisation. Also an opportunity to refine and improve responsibilities as well as boundaries for each function. 

What will be your focus in the coming year?
My focus will be on securing competence, resources and developing working methods for an efficient work flow. Furthermore, I also want to work hard to ensure that we continue to be an attractive employer locally in Hudiksvall. Also, to develop the collaboration within the newly formed function as well as the collaboration with other functions such as production and purchasing etc.

As you know, Sunfab has a long history with a high focus on quality, which I want to continue to develop and refine in order to further strengthen Sunfab's internationally strong and reputable brand.

All in all, it is an exciting and challenging assignment and I am confident that the new organisation will strengthen us as a company in the future.