A strong Sunfab is increasing through establishment and investment


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Sunfab Hydraulics AB makes strong results for 2017 with increased exports and order growth.

Through successful work, Sunfab Hydraulics AB has increased it’s share of exports to over 90% and growth has been shown to be greatest in strategic emerging markets such as the US, China and Germany. In the spring of 2017, Sunfab established a new subsidiary in Charlotte, USA which has already made significant increases in sales.

During 2017 Sunfab delivered a strong sales growth in demand for hydraulic pumps and motors with a rise in order for 2017, compared to 2016, of more than 20%.

The strong result that Sunfab now shows for the second consecutive year generates a financial strength for future investments. Significant machine investments will be initiated in the next year and reinforcement of the organization in the form of several recruitments has already been completed.

"Our good results are an effect of all the employees' amazing achievements. It is the hard work, efficiency and strategic decisions that are behind our success”, says CEO Marie Nilsson.
Sunfab also distributes profit sharing to all employees in the Group including subsidiaries.


Sunfab Hydraulics AB is a family company characterized by innovative ability and future visions. The company is run with family atmosphere, flexibility and advanced technical solutions. We focus on hydraulic pumps and motors in the field of mobile hydraulics. The company has 110 employees and sales of approximately 200 MSEK.

Our head office is located in Hudiksvall, Sweden, where Sunfab´s products are manufactured in the company´s own factory. Our subsidiary companies can be found in Germany, France, UK, Spain and USA. We also sell our products via distributors and direct to customers all over the world.

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