SAP 012-108 SAE

Developed to meet the market requirements for reduced weight in combination with demanding operation.

SAP 012-108 SAE covers the displacement range 12-108 cm3/rev. at a maximum pressure up to 400 bar. It is a modern, compact pump which meets the market’s high demands on flow performance, pressure, efficiency and small installation dimensions.

The pump is either mounted directly on the power take-off or on a frame bracket via an intermediate shaft.



Light weight metal casing design

Smooth operation over the entire speed range

Long life due to high demands on material selection, such as bearings, seals, etc

Corrosion free light metal-housing

Less heat generation due to better ability to dissipate heat through housing

SAP Sae Shafts Campain

Shafts and flanges

Mounting flange
  012 017 025 034 040 047 056 064 084 108
SB4 SAE B4 X X X X X X X X - -
SC4 SAE C4 - - - - X X X X X* X*

*SAP 084 & 108 with adapter flange for SC4

  012 017 025 034 040 047 056 064 084 108
B13* SAE B 13t X X X X X X X X - -
C14 SAE C 14t - - - - X X X X X X

*Only with SB4 mounting flange

-­ = Not available
X = Standard, preferred



Piston Design
Large number of pistons reduces pulsation creating a smooth flow.
Spherical pistons with 3 rings ensures a high efficiency.

Heavy Duty Bearings
Tapered roller bearings  for high load capacity

Durable for high pressure and high temperature.

Gear Design
Gear transmission offload the pistons from torque transmission.

Surface coating
Improved surface coating than before (better corrosion protection).

Hardened steel on valve surface ensures high durability and high efficiency.

Two piece housing design
Two piece housing design, less leakage points

SAP Sae Cutout Campain


Why Sunfab


The Swedish company Sunfab can trace its roots back to Sundins Fabriker, a family company that was established as long ago as 1925 and, for many years, was a successful manufacturer of skis. A fleet of vehicles ensured reliable transportation of raw materials to the factory. Heavy, irrational loading and unloading gave Eric Sundin, the founder of the company, the incentive required to develop cranes for the vehicles.

The first crane was built in 1947 by HIAB, a separate company. As time went on, demands increased for greater capacity and, in 1954, a hydraulic pump was developed that laid the foundation for the future successes of the new company, Sunfab.

These days, Sunfab Hydraulics AB supplies companies with some of the world’s most sophisticated products in its niche market. Products that meet stringent quality, environmental, and safety requirements and offer functional solutions.

SINCE 1925
From skis to the first mobile hydraulic crane and now hydraulic pumps & motors.

3rd generation with a corporate tradition that is characterised by a open atmosphere.

We offer hydraulic pumps and motors, optimised for a wide range of applications.

We work close to our customers and production to provide the best service.

We have total control of our in-house manufacturing processes and quality control.

Short and accurate delivery times with daily deliveries to all over the world.

While our head office and production is located in Hudiksvall, Sweden, we have subsidiary companies in Germany, France, UK, Spain, USA and Malaysia.

We also sell our products via distributors and direct to customers all over the world.

Why Sunfab