History | Sunfab

Sunfabs founder, Eric Sundin, started a factory in Arbrå 1925 to produce skis under the name Sundins. The Swedish military became aware of the innovative ski manufacturer and began buying large quantities of skis, whereupon the company grew rapidly. After a fire in 1927, the ski factory moved from Arbrå to Hudiksvall. The company grew quite rapidly from its early premises. In 1936 Eric Sundin bought an old industry plant at Hudiksvall harbour, where operations were moved.

Hiab is founded
Eric constantly had new inventions in the pipeline. They used more and more hydraulics in the production and their knowledge increased, this resulted in that Eric Sundin together with the builder Einar Frisk founded Hydrauliska Industriaktiebolaget − Hiab.

One of the greatest inventions came in 1947, when they created the world's first mobile hydraulic crane. It was also the starting point for Hiab, a company that would revolutionize cargo handling worldwide.

Sunfab is founded
In the following years product development continued and soon they needed new technology to give the cranes higher performance. 1952 Eric formed a new company, Sunfab for the development of hydraulic products. Two years later they created Sunfab’s first hydraulic piston pump for trucks.

From skis to pumps
In the 1960s, Sundins was one of the world's largest ski manufacturers. In addition, demand increased constantly, both at Sunfab pumps and Hiab cranes. It was too much for a family to manage themselves. Therefore in 1965 Hiab was sold to an investment company. Eric Sundin, however, continued to work on Sundin's factories until he passed away in 1975.

In the 80s competition increased from ski manufacturers all around Europe, which resulted in Sundins discontinued its ski manufacturing, 1989.

The start of Sunfab
In the early 90s Sundin's factories changed name to Sunfab Hydraulics AB. In addition to that they developed the well-known SC-pump they also developed a hydraulic motor. By this time Sunfab delivered about 8 000 pumps a year.

Exports to over 40 countries
Today, Sunfab is a well known brand all over the world. Approximately 90% of production is exported to about 40 countries around the world.

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