Privacy Policy

Sunfab Hydraulics AB shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that your personal privacy is strongly protected within the company. This applies to the processing of personal data for both customers and personnel, as well as other individuals who may be registered in Sunfab Hydraulics different IT systems.

All system development, service development and business development shall be done with respect for personal privacy and with regard to current Swedish privacy policy laws.

To attain high levels of privacy protection, Sunfab will do more than simply ensure that personal data is protected by modern and cost-effect technology. It is equally important to continuously work with matters such as loyalty, awareness, training and organisation.

It is the responsibility of each manager to ensure that all personnel that process personal data have sufficient education and technical resources to prevent any unauthorised access of a registered person’s personal privacy from occurring.

Within Sunfab Hydraulics AB, there is a designated Data Protection Officer. The Data Protection Officer will work independently and with sufficient resources in the form of, for example, time, training and opportunities to effectively collaborate with all units.  The Data Protection Officer will review the processing of personal data within the company, point out shortcomings, compile a register of processing activities for all of the company’s systems where personal data is stored, ensure the deletion of any outdated personal data, help those registered, provide extracts from the register, maintain contact with the Swedish Data Protection Authority, etc.

All personnel who work with system development, service development, business development and anything else that can affect protection of personal privacy within Sunfab Hydraulics AB, are obligated to consult with the Data Protection Officer before any changes to the processing of personal data may be done and also when new processes are being planned.

If Sunfab Hydraulics AB, despite the above, should experience a confirmed breach of personal data by an unauthorised person or persons, the company will file a police report on the breach to the police and immediately contact the relevant authorities. 


Hudiksvall, Sweden 2018-05-17