SCP 012-130 ISO
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SUNFAB SCP ISO is a series of piston pumps with a fixed displacement for mobile and stationary hydraulics.

SUNFAB SCP ISO covers the displacement range 0.77–7.93 cu in/rev. at a maximum working pressure of 5800 psi. The pump is drained externally. SUNFAB SCP ISO is speed-optimized and therefore supplied in either left (L) or right (R) handed designs. SUNFAB SCP ISO’s well dimensioned, double tapered roller bearings permit high shaft loads and lead to excellent speed characteristics.
SUNFAB SCP ISO’s high level of reliability is based on the choice of materials, hardening methods, surface structures and the quality assured manufacturing process.


• High maximum speed while maintaining low noise levels

• Smooth operation over the entire speed range

• Long life due to high demands on material selection, such as bearings, seals, etc.