We are Sunfab

Technologically advanced hydraulic pumps, motors and, in particular, the first mobile lifting crane all originated from technology used by Eric Sundin for ski production in Hudiksvall.

Ever since its foundation in 1925, Sunfab has been a family company characterised by innovation, skills and visions of the future.

Today, the company is still run in Eric Sundin's spirit. The same family atmosphere, flexibility and innovative solutions characterizse the business, now that the third generation Sundin has taken over. Today, Sunfab is one of the world's leading companies in hydraulics.

Sunfab Reception
Sunfab production
For Sunfab, it is important to be a local manufacturing company. It is the beacon that drives the company's continued development and innovations.

That is why all development and manufacturing takes place in the company's state-of-the-art premises in Hudiksvall, Sweden. The new factory, which was inaugurated in 2006, is located wall to wall with the old factory, which was once the world's largest ski factory.

Now, over 90 years after the start, we still manufacture and operate in Sweden.

Our head office is in Hudiksvall, where Sunfab's products are manufactured in the company's own factory.

The Sunfab Group's subsidiaries are located in Germany, France, UK, Spain, USA and Malaysia.

We sell our products through distributors and to direct customers worldwide.

Sunfab Factory
Sunfab lab
Our vision: Together we create the future of hydraulics.

The word together communicates that this is a work that concerns all those working at Sunfab.
It can also be used in conjunction with others, partners, suppliers, resellers etc.

We communicate that work is done with others.

The word create communicates that it is a creative work going on all the time.

Future is communicating that Sunfab will remain in the future, which requires that we always run our business in a financially sustainable way.

The word future also signals that Sunfab is at the forefront and creates the solutions of the future already started today. The definition of the future of hydraulics changes over time, making the vision always up to date. Requires an organization and leadership with responsiveness, flexibility, courage, innovation, competence and endurance.

The word hydraulics shows that Sunfab plans to be active in hydraulics, ie transfer, storage and control of energy using a liquid.

We value commitment, respect and professionalism in our work together and with our clients. This is our Core Values.

Our vision guides us, our strategy defines our goals.
Our common values are the foundation we stand on both as individuals and as a company.

We are a company with heritage and proud individuals.


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