SCPD 56/26 DIN By-Pass
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With two separate flows and a directly mounted By-Pass valve, the Sunfab’s SCPD 56/26 By-Pass DIN is the most flexible compact fixed flow pump on the market.

SCPD 56/26 DIN By-Pass is ideal for combination vehicles which require different flows and where there is a need to operate equipment while moving. The pump is primarily intended for engine-mounted power take-offs. The constant engagement is made possible by the By-Pass valve, which immediately relieves the load on the pump and power take-off when oil is not required. The pressure drop of the By-Pass valve is very low, so its function is energy efficient.


• The By-Pass valve can relieve the load from full operating pressure of 5800 psi, which allows emergency stop function

• The valve´s 24 V solenoids have integrated electrical cables which meet protection class ADR