Our sustainability work

As a company, Sunfab has a responsibility, but is also part of the solution to creating a long-term sustainable society. We work daily with activities that affect social, economic and environmental sustainability, for example:

  • We have a well-functioning waste management system

  • We have several policies to promote a good working environment, both for our employees and suppliers

  • We calculate and report emissions for our own operations according to the GHG protocol

  • We have carried out a materiality analysis where we conducted stakeholder dialogues with customers, suppliers, employees and owners, in order to identify which areas within sustainability are important to us and our stakeholders

  • We train our entire staff in sustainability

  • We have established our first sustainability report and are working on producing the next one

Our sustainability report is divided into three focus areas: governance, environment and social. In this year's report, we have, among other things, described how we work with electrification and innovation, expanded the reporting of our climate-related emissions with Scope 3 and provided a view of Sunfab's role in the local community.

Download our Sustainability report