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Tue 28 Sep

Introducing the new SAP SAE: Our light-weight pump series


SAP 012-108 SAE, a series of light weight casing piston pumps with a fixed displacement for demanding mobile hydraulics. Developed to meet the market requirements for reduced weight in combination with demanding operation.

SAP 012-108 SAE now offers the mounting flange in SAE standard, based on the verified SAP DIN version on the market since 2014.

SAP 012-108 DIN covers the displacement range 0.77-7.93 cu in/rev at a maximum pressure of 5800psi. It is a modern, compact pump which meets the market’s high demands on flow performance, pressure, efficiency and small installation dimensions. The pump is either mounted directly on the power take-off or on a frame bracket via an intermediate shaft.

Product features
• High pressure
• High efficiency
• Reduced weight
• Reduced bending moment on PTO
• Corrosion free lightweight-housing
• Two piece housing design

The SAP SAE series will be available for order from December 15th 2021 and will replace SCP SAE during 2022.

You are welcome to contact us about your hydraulic needs or visit our Worldmap to search for a local distributor. 

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