Keeping the wheels turning in the time of corona (USA)


Tabatha Hunter Tabatha Hunter

We have asked our employees how the Corona is affecting their daily work in these dire times. Here is an update from Sunfabs subsidiaries. Tabatha Hunter, you are our Sales Support & Order Management Specialist at Sunfab Hydraulics Inc. in USA.

How is your local market doing under the current situation with restrictions based on the impact of the pandemic with limited opportunities to meet your customers?
“Currently in US we are meeting or exceeding our set goal for invoices product. We have noticed order intake has slowed but in April we did beat 2019 order intake numbers. US has started to open up, with each State having control over how they open. With this we have seen an increase in emails/calls for quotes.”

Sunfab took early action on creating a guideline for all employees due to minimize the spread of Covid19, how have you been able to follow that, any reflections, negative or positive?
“Yes, I am aware of Sunfab Covid-19 Guidelines and have been able to follow them. They are pretty similar to what most businesses are doing with that the feedback has been positive.”

How do you work towards your customers to ensure that they get the support and business needs as seamlessly as possible?
What do you focus on in your daily work?
“I am still lucky to work in the office and have contacts with customer via the email and phone. With being able to work in office and make daily shipments we have been able to help several customer’s out with rush orders and they were very happy this was possible!  Our Canada customers were forced to shut down by the government and was not able to make payments. They thanked Sunfab for understanding and working with them on the payments.”

What is the common view from our customers on their business due to the pandemic crisis and do they feel that Sunfab is supporting them?
“Many of our customers are working from home, and a few did have to a some furloughs. However, the replacements have been very thankful that we were here to help them take over smoothly with quick responses. I have also gotten some positive feedback about still being able to meet customer’s promised dates and that so far, our lead times have not taken a major feedback.”

The fact that the production and office in Sweden have been up and running during this whole crisis, any feedback from market?
“Yes, the main question I got when shut downs all over the US started was what are the lead times being pushed to, what orders will be pushed out due to shut downs. When I expressed we were not pushing out orders and still working to meet promised dates, they were excited to hear especially since the expressed how “Everything is so crazy and unpredictable right now”.”

Do you have any success story or a happy story from your customer engagements during this period that you have got positive feedback on from customer?
“Our customers have been happy with our quick responses during this time. They expressed how with many working from home a lot of responses have been delayed but they did not see that with us. Some responses from the customers have been “Thanks for the quick response on this order!”  “Thanks for the quick reply”.

Is your market recovering and what is going to happen in near future, your feeling of the development?
“US has been lucky so far and has not seen a decrease per April numbers. May has seen a lot of quotes and I feel that is a positive sign. Also, we have several protype orders coming in!”

Anything else you would like to say?
“During all this we did get lucky to get some “free” press 😊 via TV Time.  The business beside us was featured on the news and we got lucky and was shown on the tv during their report 😊.”