Updated version of the Sunfab By-Pass Valve / SBP


Bypass En Bypass En

During the spring Sunfab released an updated version of By-Pass valve SBP-1 and SBP-2. The updated version has an improved pilot valve which ensure a more robust and reliable function.

Product Benefits

  • Improved pilot valve, coil and protection cap
  • More robust
  • More compact
  • Same function and technical specification (pressure, flow, pressure drop, voltage etc.)



Part numbers for complete By-Pass valves will remain the same while the part numbers for the internal parts (pilot valve, coil and protection cap) are changed.

Description            Part no.
SBP-1-12V              91071
SBP-1-28V              91073
SBP-2-12V              91075
SBP-2-28V              91077

Note: The old coil (part no. 91086) and pilot valve (part no. 91080) will not be available for new orders.If a need for replacing the old coil or pilot valve occurs, both the new coil and pilot valve must be ordered.

New internal parts

Description                     Part no.
By-pass pilot valve           91185
By-pass coil 12V              91186
By-pass coil 28V              91187
Protection cap                  91189 (included in 91185)

Following kits will also be available:
Pilot valve kit 12V             51021 (91185 and 91186 included)
Pilot valve kit 28V             51022 (91185 and 91187 included)


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