Sunfab invests in Sustainability


Sustainability Sustainability

A sustainable company is a company where profitability, environmental considerations and social commitment are combined. Sustainable business is, among other things, about saving on one's own resources and reducing the negative environmental impact. For Sunfab, this means considering the environment throughout the value chain, having a social commitment and long-term economic development.

That is why sustainability work is important
Why is it important to invest time and resources in sustainability work? Well, partly because business have a responsibility and are part of the solution for developing a long-term sustainable society. The very definition of sustainable development is:

 To satisfy today's needs without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs. "

But also, because there is really no other alternative if Sunfab is to remain in the future. At present, it may not be noticeable by special requirements from customers, suppliers, employees or other stakeholders, but it will, and then Sunfab must be well prepared to meet these requirements.

Reduced scope for action
It can be smart to position oneself in a sustainability perspective at an early stage and establish goals for developing in a sustainable direction. For businesses, the scope to take action will decrease over time, partly because environmental impact and resource issues set limits. What also affects the boundaries of the scope are policy instruments, technological development, pricing, social impact and human values. As the scope decreases, some businesses that have unsustainable operations will hit the wall.  

There are both pros and cons to having a good starting position. It can e.g. be a disadvantage to be too far ahead in the development if it involves far too large costs than the business can handle. It is therefore important to find a balance on what suits the business best.

Sunfab’s action plan for sustainability activities
During the autumn of 2020, an analysis showed how Sunfab currently stands on sustainability issues. It turned out that Sunfab already does a lot that has a positive impact on both the environment, humans and the economy. We have, a well-functioning waste management, several policies to promote a good working environment and a local community involvement, just to name a few examples.

Together with the management team, an action plan for sustainability activities for the next two years was also developed. During this year, we will, among other things, calculate how much carbon dioxide emissions Sunfab causes from its own factory in Hudiksvall. It is also planned to carry out sustainability training for all staff in the coming years.

By integrating sustainability work into the strategy and allowing a sustainable set of values to permeate the company's culture and relationship with the outside world, value is created, both within and outside the company.