Work with zero emissions and reduced noise level


Opti En Opti En

Production of Electric vehicles (EVs) is increasing from most major truck manufacturers to CO2, air pollution and to improve the working environment with lower noise levels.

Many municipally areas and cities impose stricter regulations on noise and air pollution, this presents tough demands for contractors to meet up with. Truck and system component manufacturers are working hard to find new solutions but also to keep functions and efficiency at current or even improved levels for the equipment in the industry's electrical transition.
Noise and efficiency are the main issues
That is why last autumn Sunfab launched SAP DIN Optimised in the entire displacement range 12-108. The pump series is developed to meet the market's demands for low weight & low noise in combination with high performance and improved efficiency.

SAP DIN Optimised is a series of light weight casing piston pumps with a fixed displacement for demanding mobile hydraulics. It is variant of the standard SAP series, also suitable for electric motor drives thanks to the pump's higher speed characteristics, improved efficiency and lower noise level.

SAP 012-108 DIN Optimised covers the displacement range 12-108 cm3/rev at a maximum pressure of 400 bar. SAP DIN Optimised is a modern, compact pump which meets the market´s high demands on flow performance, pressure, efficiency and small installation dimensions. 

Other advantages:

  • Optimised for higher pump speed up to 3000/3500 rpm
  • Less pulsations in the system
  • Less noise up to -6 dB
  • High pressure
  • High efficiency
  • Corrosion free lightweight-housing


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