Double By-Pass

Sunfab Double By-Pass is an unloading valve for the SCPD 56/26 pump providing remote switching between idling and operation. 

The By-Pass valve is used in installations where the power take off is not disengaged during transport. These are usually found on vehicles fitted with hydraulic equipment that needs to be maneuvered while on the move, for example, road maintenance vehicles, concrete mixers, refuse collection trucks, etc. The By-Pass valve is controlled from the driver’s cab and makes it possible to provide oil to the vehicle’s hydraulic equipment when necessary. 

Product Benefits

  • Compact design for direct mounting on the pump’s connection cover for small installation dimensions
  • The valve´s 24 V solenoids have integrated electrical cables which meet protection class ADR
  • Can be regulated at 0-400 bar working pressure in the hydraulic system 
  • Symmetrical design supports installation of the valve in different directions, and use on both right and left-hand rotating pumps
  • Small power losses due to low pressure drop